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We arrived in Menorca

Arrived to Menorca By plane:

The airport is far from Minorca Mahon / Maó about 2.5 kilometres and is well connected and with good roads. It is a very broad and very modern international airport, with runways to accommodate all types and sizes of aircraft available service Taxis, buses and several car rental offices and deliveries are made at the time at the same airport has parking for vehicles individuals and even a service station for fuel cargo airport, is located in the extreme west of the island, but it is the area most densely populated, as it is located very close to Mao, the capital of the island, Sant Lluis, population with several beaches and several large hotels and Es Castell, with other good hotels. Buses connect directly to the bus station in Mahon, and since this can be transferred to all populations and urbanization of coastal tourist Somewhat more expensive but more convenient to move the service is permanent taxi stands in front of Terminal . It allows passengers to move to the main urban areas of the island: Alaior, Mao, Citadel, Es Castell, Es Migjorn, Ferreries, Fornells, Llumeçanes, Mercadal, Sant Climent, Sant Lluís

Arrived to Menorca in Ships:

Today you can get to Menorca with ship daily reported that the island with the Iberian peninsula and the island of Palma de Mallorca, Mallorca or port of Cala Ratjada in Alcudia and thence to the other islands of the Balearics

Arrived to Minorca by the Port of Citadel

At present the port of Ciutadella, area west of the island of Minorca, hosts two airlines passenger transport, but since it was built a wharf (jetty) in the artificial mouth of the port and this will give more input to craft Large and modern.

At present the boat dock in the inner harbor, small and therefore within itself Citadel, next to the station at sea and in the banda opposed to the town hall of Citadel

Reaching Minorca by the Port of Mahon

It is the great port of Minorca, located in the nascent of the island, is a great natural bay, used as a port for more than two thousand years and its beauty is undeniable, just to enjoy the view offered by the height of ships passengers to make the entrance to the Port of Mahon, already worth at least make the journey once in Menorca in the Ferry Reach Minorca sailboats or yachts in particular:

Depending on the size, may enter anchor in the vicinity of coves and beaches and other locations coast of Menorca and sites more prepared for the docking of ships are Port of Mahon, if doubt as it has a length of nearly six (6 ) Miles which is hosting more boats, but which receives more demand for moorings, requesting information and book early if you want to dock his boat at the Port of Mahon, here there are several companies that consignee efforts on the docks and berths at the pontoons concentration, all have services such as fresh water, electricity, garbage containers and oleos and used as well as companies that repair and maintenance

Reaching Minorca by the Port of Citadel

It is a small port and until we complete construction of the expansion is congested, despite all seats are reserved for temporary visitors, but if you intend to leave your boat here, learn as soon as possible, it is not easy to get seats in tie the Port of Citadel.

Port of Fornells

Located in the middle of north coast of Menorca, is a great and beautiful natural bay, this year 2008, have been renovated and expanded docks and built new pontoons for mooring of pleasure craft, and incorporation of all services for the mooring Yacht and courage, especially in the area of the club Maritime Fornells, despite everything, the demand for berths in Fornells is very high seeking reserve berth in advance, also check that your ship can be accessed, not Fornells Bay The population in very deep Fornells this pasted wing bay so it will not inconvenience to perform supply or hire services, car rental, lodging or taking means of transport, buses or taxis

Port of Addaya

Also in the middle in the same north coast, something more to the west that Fornells Bay, the port has all the facilities for the mooring of pleasure craft, has an administrative office at the port which provides information from services, mechanics and cranes. Near the Port of Addaya, the population is essentially villa, in its report of tourist residences, is located very close urbanization Na Macaret, with a small but cozy beach, which is in the same bay where the port facilities Addai. Something more remote, three (3) miles, is the urbanization of Arenal den Castell, a great beach, horseshoe shaped very much closed, has several resorts and apartments large and dotted with groups in their apartments Most rental for summer season.

There are other areas with pontoons with possibilities of moorings or anchor free to do so in much of the coastline Minorcan

We are already here have come to Menorca

To discover Minorca for free, without any bond and providing us of our time, even without guides, both at the airport, ports of arrival and Suburbia, can be rented cars, motorcycles or bicycles, the latter means of transport in most usual recommended in the area of Ciudadela, flatter and where there is increased supply. Visits to the coves virgins, which Minorca has a good number of them distributed both on the coast north and the south coast, are a wonderful alternative for the travelling freely in Minorca, as the buses only come to urbanized areas and beaches and even some transport is only in summer

In general, roads are good, with sparse, except August, are well marked and traffic is quiet and secure, and even bicycle lanes on some secondary roads, so if not traveling in groups, hiking or contract wine with a package tour, rent a car, it will be a good alternative as a means of transportation and even essential if its intention is to visit a few places on the island, but even if you have a few days' stay.

Climate Of Minorca

Despite climate change, and that in recent years, have also been noticed in Minorca, give it a try pincelazo how is the weather on the island. In principle, Menorca, like the rest of the Balearic archipelago enjoys a Mediterranean climate clearly, mild winters and humid summers and dry and warm.

Temperatures have more pleasant place in the months of May, June and September when they reach maximum values of between 21 and 26 ° C. and therefore this is undoubtedly the period more pleasant and more advisable to visit the island. From July 15 until August 15 is the period of higher temperatures, reaching this zenith until the 33 ° C must be taken into account the high percentages of moisture, in order to 70 to 85% or even more, causing a sensation of heat about 40 degrees. Despite the changes detected in the past few years, beginning in mid-September usually get a storm of summer is usually a single, the most that is often hard for two or three days and already the weather normalizes almost until the middle November, may be some day with strong winds (tramontana) In winter, the climate of Minorca is soft, very mild, tempered by the sea that has accumulated during the summer heat, resulting from more desapacibles in mid-February to late March is usually presented When the wind tramontana, and some rainy days.

You see, the myth of the "Isla del Aire" by the wind Tramontana, focuses on short periods of winter and they say no longer affects the Menorcans as yesteryear

Eating Eating in Menorca

Minorca is an island-flavored Mediterranean cooking based on fresh ingredients from land and sea.
Among the most famous dishes are; cheese Maó (Denomination of Origin), sobrasada, carnixulla, sweet potato / Quixote, oliaigua, coca, pastissets, formatjada and flair. However products that have made the most famous and most visitors are sued for cheeses and especially when sitting in a restaurant The caldereta of locusts, not only by the logic seafaring condition of Minorca, but because the island has areas where farming lobster is of great significance for the economy and traditional food, such as Bay Fornells.

Minorca this gastronomy speaking, fully immersed in the Mediterranean diet, enjoy fully the vagaries of the sea, consumed in a variety of dishes. Fresh fish, seafood and lobster (the essence of known caldereta) are among the favourites. After the colonial period, the British bequeathed to, among other estates, gin, ie gin. Even today are still ancestral techniques to manufacture them.

Although protagonist, gin drink is not the only star of the island, plus fruity liqueurs and digestive herbs, Xoriguer of the distilleries located in the Port of Mao may still see the distillation of the famous hot water, or as this is called gin "GIN Menorca" and even if you feel like taste. Have recently been incorporated several local wine producers of excellent quality, and you can taste in hotels and restaurants Islanders

Clearly, Minorca, already has a track record in this tourism, and therefore, as expected, the visitor has a very wide range of possibilities gastronomitas, from places of typical food Minorcan, sites with good fresh fish, the island or the mainland, more international sites, and even meals nationals of other countries such as Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Italian pasta and pizza meats Argentina, you can even see offers English breakfast. also see that the supply of the letters is varied even in prices, since the menus economic letters something more sophisticated costly

Dining: Eating in Menorca

It Molí de Foc
San Lorenzo, 65 (Mao)
Price: High
Expertise: Located in an old grain mill into a restaurant, rice is their specialty. We also recommend his fideuá black monkfish, squid and cuttlefish. They are good with figs seconds rabbit or quail with sauce Oort branco and grapes.

Sa Papereta d'en Doro
Road Binisafullet (Mao)
Price: High
Expertise: The Mediterranean cuisine is his specialty. We select a dish as courgettes stuffed with ham and onions on cauliflower puree and essence of shrimp.

Can Bernat
Rd. Cala'n Porter (Mao)
Price: Medium
Expertise: If you want to taste fresh meat grilled this is a good place to eat. He also highlighted his leek gratin of shrimp. It also has a very good wine list.

Moll's Llevant, 256 (Mao)
Price. Means
Expertise: The local fish and shellfish are the kings of the kitchen of this restaurant. We recommend a good dish of fried nettles, caldereta lobster and dessert cake Minorcan.

Alojarce: Sleeping in Menorca:

Menorca has a broad class hotels, especially in Ciutadella ie the area west, west of the island, is where most accommodation establishments found, followed by Sant Lluis, Alaior and Ferreries, in this order, keep in mind that the vast majority of accommodation in Minorca, with exceptions, open only in summer, and that if our beaches urbanized areas, all activities are complementary fully operational in the summer season is April to October If you are looking for hotel city, then your choice should be Citadel or Mahon, who also are open all year. there is also a small number of rural hotels Hotel Port Mahon 4 *
Ave. Fort de l'Eau, s / n (Mao)
Price: High
It is one of the most luxurious hotels across the island. It is an English colonial style building which is located in the port. It has a terrace garden, swimming pool and solarium. The views of the Port of Mahon are unbeatable

Agamemnon Hotel 4 *
Agamemnon, 16 (Es Castell)
Price. High
A modern and comfortable hotel located on the southern shore of the port of Mao in the village of Es Castell. Excel by its privileged enclave, with a wonderful sea view. Renovated a few years ago, is in perfect condition, overlooking the port and the village of Castel is excellent

Hotel Rural Morvedra Nou 4 *
Road Macarella (Citadel)
Price: High
This rural hotel is actually an old house built centuries ago but was restored in 1997. Ideal for those who want to enjoy the tranquillity in a natural setting and magnificent views of the sea, small is advisable to book before coming

Hotel Barceló Pueblo Menorca 3 *
Punta Prima (Sant Lluís)
Price: Medium

It consists of a wide range of facilities and services for both adults and children, this year 2008, has suffered one of the most important reforms and remodeling since it was built, so the hotel like this again, a few metres from the beach Punta Prima, along with urbanization and varied with several complementary services

Entertainment: Exit Shopping in Menorca

The traditional products of Minorca, par excellence, are the Footwear and cheese, with permission from other products of the land and especially the excellent ceramics Minorca As for whether tourism is often a major consumer of jewellery in menorca have two things converge, the existence of a long tradition of companies bisuteras and the presence of markets with jewelry, however it is acceptable to say that the vast majority of manufacturers of jewellery, with exceptions, these are wholesalers and sell their production assemblers and artists and rarely these finished products end up in street markets of the island. If you have an interest or interests in the case of jewellery, is craftsman, assembler or owns stores selling jewelry and fantasies, you see that you are interested in visiting the jewellery fair being held in Menorca, is one of the two calls sector more Major Spain, in Madrid and is organised by the employers' association of jewellery Menorca in the hall Sebime fairs in the estate industry Mahon, the fair hall Sebime called EuroBijoux and being held at the beginning of the month May

Throughout the year there are several fairs, Craft, typical products, cuisine.

Tours: where to go, to do. monuments, route, walks, outings.

Three visits are essential, if not something you see these three, was not here or at least can not say he knows the island of Minorca That certainly, an island that is about 50 miles long by 13 wide territory is a very manageable to know in full by a person within a few days, but not trusted, these few square kilometres and despite the variety of landscapes is not very high, Minorca have countless corners that will capture your imagination and little to be neglected, if not is not only needs a week to know it all, I assure from experience. besides the visit to geography in particular the coast of Menorca, which we have already tried to put teeth long, we say that there are three essential visits in Menorca and if you do not see these three things, the order is irrelevant, do not say which has been in Minorca, could take a liar.

1: - ancient citadel, the old town of Citadel, the Jewish quarter, the area surrounding the Cathedral of Menorca and Arrimadas the port of Ciutadella is the great history of Minorca, his noble houses, the noble palaces, mansions and the plain people, gathered on a set of narrow alleys and twisted him a special charm, the ride is especially rewarding and it feels transported to the Middle Ages

2: - The Port of Mahon, this extraordinary bay, nearly six km .. Long has everything needed to leave embelezado, with some green shores dotted with cottages, villas and chalets now also at its northern coast and the splendid view of the profile of the city of Mao at its southern coast. The port has a lot to offer the visitor, the day during a tour boat through the port with guides and explanations of historical events and places he has seen and lived through the Port of Mahon and as a result all Minorca. can also take over some of the increases to the city from the harbor, there are several along the harbor and contemplate the view from the heights of the vast bay, since some of the viewpoints, surely find more than one reason to take pictures At night, you can enjoy one of the most wide range of astronomical any Minorca, more than 50 restaurants, bars and cafes along with pab and breweries, gift shops, crafts and even a walk through the market or whether itinerant night you prefer taking a walk just to walk the beautiful yachts and sailboats moored at the pier or pontoons can also visit, at night, Calas Fonts in Es Castell, is a beautiful bay with good restaurants, night market, located on the same port Mahon-If you have means of transportation, can also make a tour of the north shore of the port of Mao, especially the estates of Sant Antoni and Cala Llonga to see the fullness of the port of Mahon, and if you have time, you can follow the way to visit the strength of the Mola of Mahon in the mouth of the harbor on the north coast

3: - Prehistory of Minorca, cree if it is to see a few ruins, or some, barely perceptible, foundations of ancient buildings, and where you must strive to see something that resembles the plane for a future home, is mistaken, and much, this is prehistorcos remains dating between 2000 and 1000 BC, ie seniority between 3,000 and 4,000 years, there sense, more than a thousand archaeological sites and a few hundred likely to be visited, not seeing some, it would be a Any crime, absolutely all over the island of Menorca and is the largest prehistoric museum great outdoors, the amount of deposits, but above all the characteristics of buildings and the excellent state of preservation, all visitors leave with their mouths open .

There is an archaeological site, very close to any of the stocks and incuso of Suburbia tourist there are any archaeological sanctuary, do not forget, for nothing in the world to visit one, then surely will want to visit more. We recommend visiting In Mahon: exit Citadel Taula and talaiot in Talati de Dalt and Departure at the shrine of Sant Lluis Trepucó In Alayor exit of Calan Porter deposit Torralba Salord and give way to Son Bou talaiotico town of Tower In Gaume In Ciutadella on the M1 highway at the exit to Mahon The Naveta des Tudosn, along with urbanization and Cala Morell the vast necropolis of Cala Morell

As has been said, would be an offence to leave Minorca without making a trip to the past. Cuevas, and Talaiots taules expect him to the passenger mensinamos other deposits talaiótico The village of Son catla, a stone which reaffirms the link between imposing stone and men throughout the history of Minorca. Sets megalithic, Torrellafuda, Torretrencada, This is recommending, just a few of those closest to the people,. Recently in some time, the most important and visited, has installed a system of maintenance and custody of yasimientos and therefore must now abonarce either a ticket for entry to the compound. If you visit any yasimiento without care, please piende that these constructions of prehistoric period, called Talaiótico, which rdtima that inhabited this land between 2000 and 1000 BC and therefore have been in place since then, so we hope our culture not Temin with them in a few years. Do not climb the monument, do not remove or move the stones, not enter or leave garbage or obgetos

Sites, Monuments:

Another interesting visit is the shrine of the Virgin of El Toro, is located on Mount bearing the same name, Mount El Toro, and maximum height of Menorca with 358 meters high You can also visit the second mountain of Minorca, by height and importance, is Mount St. Agueda, and where are the remains of the castle that had the largest island and was built as a fortress refuge at the top of the hill that bears his name

The basilica is a welcome refuge for mundanal forget the noise. It is located right where the legends say that a bull noted the presence of an image of the Virgin. Citadel, the city holds itself as a great museum, as its name suggests, in a not too distant past this urban core formed a citadel enclosed between walls, jealous of their traditions and proud of its character.

Brief history of the port of Mahon:

The port of Mao, according to historians and military, is the best natural strategic enclave around the western Mediterranean, this is certainly the case that has echo that this bay will come as a port using at least the last 2,000 years

In the eighteenth century became the object of desire of British, French and Spanish to be disputed in various battles. It was not for less, for their own geographical configuration was capable of protecting the largest fleet of the time.

The British remained in command of the island after the signing of the treaty of Utrecht, 1713, until 1755. In those years is retained in memory of the islanders work of the first governor, Richard Kane, who built roads, introduced the cultivation of apple and prompted the livestock sector. Later, there were other stages primacy of English in short periods interspersed. From 1763 to 1781 and from 1798 to 1808.

They left as a legacy military construction, style woodwork or the island's most popular drink of it, the gin. Golden Farm, a summer home next to Mao, passes as the banner of remembrance English, as noted, at least, as the hull of the capital.

Initiate visit to Menorca

We started our tour in the busy square esplanade of Mahon, which can be accessed by the Costa de ses Voltes or Costa des Moll, from the port. The distance separating the two places becomes a precious and brief tour that encompasses the essence of Mao. We continue by the steep Costa des Moll to discover the Plaza of Spain and the Plaza del Carmen hosting the popular fish market and the Iglesia del Carmen, in which faculty, surprising as it may seem, stands another nice market, the vegetable.

Very near here is the famous Place de la Constitution, crowned by the tower of the council. Popularly known as The Chamber, displays a clock dating from the eighteenth century, gift of Richard Kane, first British governor of Minorca. Rhodes behind the consistory for top with another square, the Conquest and a monument that pays tribute to Alfonso III seize the island by the Arabs in the thirteenth century.

Already at the corner of the street Sant Roc, stands a building style and French neoclassical year 1786, known as the Home Guard. Along this street, in the Plaza del Bastió, is the only canvas of medieval wall with the popular image of the saint and his dog, guardians of those soon as I get through this area.

We continue our journey through the streets of Elizabeth II to reach the Costa de ses Piques, where are the church of Sant Francesc and its beautiful cloister, both restored a few years ago and now house the Museum of Menorca. Finally and just metres from here, following street Dei, we can contemplate one of the prides of the city, the old Main Theater.

Nearly parallel to the artery of the city lies at the heart of Mao commercial ending where we started this route, in front of the Esplanade, in the custody of some barracks of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries noted that the strategic enclave of city and the island.

Museums across the length and breadth of the island will find large number of museums. These are some of them:
Museum of Nature in Ferreries
Municipal Museum and Museum Diocesà des Bastió Sa Font in Citadel Museum and Museum of Menorca-Hernandez Sanz in Maó
Military Museum and Fort Marlborough in Es Castell.

The cultural offerings that offers Menorca is rich and varied. It is worth noting the numerous prehistoric settlements and a funerary monuments that are spread throughout the island territory.

Minorca Island Nature Area has become Biosphere Reserve, a title granted by Unesco. Thus, following the protocol that gives this title, are narrowing the works of major urban caused by the booming tourism.

Its coves, its architecture, its wetlands, especially the Natural Park Reserve is Grao, and their joint megalithic remain protected.

Cala Macarella, is as if an imaginary axis divided the island into two halves, north and south. At 8 miles from Ciutadella, can be accessed by a road between pines. Walls of red stones, primary, on the one hand, the northern part of the creek, and white, or Quaternary Miocene on the other.

Cala is Talai, is entering the south coast, according to the West. The make up the creeks surrounding the fishing village of Torret, which has a watchtower eighteenth century, and extending from Cala Binibeca (with a small Yacht Club) to Cala Binissafúller.

Cala d'Algairens, after leaving behind in Cap d'Font and coves Biniparratx and Binidali coast is a less populated area to Cala In Porter, a postal stamp; beach protected by cliffs, next to the whole prehistoric of Cales Coves.

In one of the cliffs that protects Cala In Porter is the Cova d'en Xoroi, hung to peak over the sea, this cave, that day is a tourist attraction, you can visit and drink at the bar or one of the terraces, while he was the curious legend of the cave or if you prefer, look out the vacuum of imposing cliff. At night, is one of the most spectacular nightclubs in Europe, in a natural cave, their views of the vacuum, especially the full moon nights are fairy tale

Cala Galdana, is one of the most attractive spots on the coast south. Although it is well connected by road Ferreries, contains a small isolated area with beautiful bays, small and contained, surrounded by pine forests, and well protected by cliffs. For example Cala Macarella, with another set of prehistoric caves at his side, or Turqueta.



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Minorca of the Balearic Islands, province and autonomous region, Illas Balears, Spain
Mapa del area del mediterraneo el continente europeo y el norte de africa, donde se remarca la situacion de la isla de Menorca

Mapping the location of the archipelago of the Balearic Islands

The islands of the archipelago is located in the western Mediterranean near the coast of Spain midway between European and African Continent

Mapa del archipielago de las Islas Baleares y su proximidad a la costa de España frene a la ciudad de Barcelona y Tarragona

All of the Balearic archipelago is territory belonging to the Kingdom of Spain, European Union country      

It comprises the islands of Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza, Formentera and Cabrera islet  

The provincial capital is Palma de Mallorca  

Mapa fito geografico de la isla de Menorca, carreteras general de comunicacion a las poblaciones y urbanizaciones

Map of the island of Minorca, Archuipielago of the Balearic

Map of the island of Minorca, pointed out an approach to areas that have higher density plant, the main communication routes and the location of stocks    


700 km2 surface - approximately 260 square miles.  

Dimensions: 48 km long by 13 wide


Official language: Catalan and Spanish


System of Government: Government of the Nation, President of the Autonomous Region, Chairman of the Island Council, mayors of municipalities


Division policy on the island of Minorca: Eight municipal territories

Escudo de Menorca, Imagen del Consell Insular Menorca

Government. Local: Island Council of Minorca  ( CONSELL INSULAR DE MENORCA)

President Joana Barceló (PSOE)     

Mapa de la isla de Menorca con la division politica, mostrando la superfice que ocupa cada municio en el territorio insular

Political organization from the island of Minorca

Eight (8) chaired municipalities, chaired by Mayors highest authority in the Municipality

Heraldic shield of Municipalities of Menorca and the mayors who govern
Escudo del Ayuntamiento de Mahn / Ma, capaital de la isla de Menorca

Mao / Mahon capital of the island of Minorca  

Mayor Arturo Bagur Mercadal (also is a senator Minorca)

Political party PSOE

Escudo del ayuntamiento de Ciutadella de Menorca, antigua capital de Menorca y segunda poblacion por numero de habitantes

Ciutadella / Ciudadela

Mayor Llorenç Brondo Jover

Partido Politico    PP

Escudo eraldico del Municipio de  Alaior, tercera ciudad de Menorca por el numero de habitantes

Alaior / Alayor 

Mayor Pau Morlà Florit

Partido Politico    PSOE

Escudo del ayuntamiento de Ferrerias, Ferreies Menorca

Ferreries / Ferrerias

Mayor Josep Carreras Coll

Partido Politico  EEF(Entesa de l’Esquerra de Ferreries)

Escudo del ayuntamiento de Es Castell, Villa Carlos para los castellanos y Georgetown, en el periodo en que Menorca era colonia inglesa

Es Castell

Mayor Irene Coll Flort

Partido Politico     IPEC (Independents des Castell)

Escudo eraldico del Ayuntamiento de San Luis / Sant Lluis Menorca, poblacion fundada durante el periodo Frances

Sant Lluis / San Luis

Mayor Llorenç Carretero Tudur

Partido Politico    PSOE

Escudo eraldico des Mercadal, la poblacion mas centrla de Menorca

Es Mercadal

Mayor Ramón Orfila Pons

Partido Politico   Entesa

Escudo eraldico del Ayuntamiento de Es Migjorn Gran, la ultima poblacion en independisarce

Es Migjorn Gran

Mayor Andreu Moll Huguet

Partido Politico    PP (Partido Popular)




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Menorca is the second largest island in the archipelago of the Balearic Islands and is located in the western area of the Mediterranean Sea, about 250 kilometers from the Iberian Peninsula and about 450 of North Africa and midway between the Strait of Gibraltar and the islands Sardinia and Corsica south of France and near the coasts of Italy Most of the island area of 258 square miles (668 square kilometers) is dry, and somewhat monotonous landscape, a few small flat areas, and predominance of hills in the interior and strong cliffs on the coast, especially the north shore, where the mouth of the torrents created coves, most with small and beautiful beaches of fine sand, except for the beach about three Son Bou kilometre compared to the open sea.

The number of hills in the interior of the island give way to greater heights of the island in the central zone, is Mount Toro altitude of 358 meters (1175 feet). followed very closely in the mountains of Santa Agueda, and where are the ruins of the castle and greater strength of the island of Minorca. Its northern coast has many capes, bays and cut, the sea is deep and heavily hit by wind of tramontana, known by all and marine navigators of all time as it affected and continues to navigation since the Gulf area de Leon in southern France to the north coast of Africa in the western Mediterranean.

The northern coast, more wild and natural, this less populated, but has several housing estates long tradition of tourism and many coves and unspoilt beaches and the largest park wet on the island of Minorca,

Urbanizations north coast of Menorca:

It Grau, that the fund's Bay has a great beach, Arenal den Castell, Son Parc, the only golf course of Minorca, the port of Addaya, and especially the Bay Area Fornells, a population that aspires to be the ninth district of the island. Cala Morell, the last prior to the lighthouse at Punta Nati and enter the adjournment of Menorca and Suburbia next to Citadel

Beaches virgin north coast of Menorca:

Natural Park Albufera Es Grau, which are several pristine beaches and coves of great beauty

Cala Cavalleria, La Cala idyllic Pregonda, Cala Pilar and the great pearl of north Cala Algaiarens in the area of La Vall

The south coast, most tender and the highest number of coves, and generally larger than the northern coast has several coastal urbanization, some many years and traditionally the Menorcans and other developed under the development of tourism,

Urbanizations south coast of Menorca:

They are Ganxo, Cala white dolphins, Cal Forcat, Cal Brut, cove Blanes, Cal Bosch, Lake, Cala Galdana, Santo Tomas, Son Bou, Calan Porter, Cala Canutells,

Virgin beaches on the south coast of Menorca:

Son Saura, Cala Talai, Calan Turqueta, Cala Macarella and Macarelleta, Cala Mitjana and Mitjaneta, Cala Trebaluger, Cal Fuster, Cala Escorxada, San Adeodato, Binigaus Beach, and not so graceful but very accessed Calas Coves

Urbanizations nascent area of Minorca:

Calan Forcat, Calan Brut, The Dolphins, Calan Blanes, Cala Santandria and Cala Blanca

Urbanizations area west of Minorca:

They are Ganxo, Punta Prima, Binibeca Vell and S `Algar

The monumental nature of Port Mahon, near the capital city of the island, and the largest population of Minorca, followed closely by Citadel, on the other side of the island, is the best port in the Balearic Islands and was much appreciated for its strategic value in the wars of the 18 century. The south coast is more regular and has long stretches of cliffs Minorca first inhabitants were probably the inhabitants of the cave. Remnants prehistoric, dating from about half the 2 nd millennium BC and representing a culture that continued with little change until the Roman era, and include talayots taulas, both structures of unknown purpose.

The first, a type of tower, was roofed, generally with the help of a central pillar composed of overlapping circular slabs, and faced with clay to produce a monolithic structure. The taulas, the so-called "schedules", could well have been used for ceremonial purposes, but certainly was a normal feature of housing associated with talayots. talayótica, stone towers and Taula two stones in the form of "T" which are usually contained within a perimeter of stone columns on a more or less circular where the Taula was back in the centre and next to this Talaiot structure, and usually within another compound stones, this somewhat less defined and more irregular The shuttle, (Catalan: "Ships"), Menorca, so named for its resemblance to a boat invested, were tombs, the ancient necropolis of residents of the island

Many of these buildings sit on limestone soils for what they have endured for millennia and come to today These soils, and rocky limestone, which in low-lying areas of land accumulate a little more land, where farmers Menorcans have grown and devoted to grazing, especially forage for their cattle.

In some districts, less plains, have devoted to agriculture in anden, and still today are terraces with signs of tillage, which reflect the scarcity of land and the need to grow despite the low yields, something more productive the few alluvial valleys, which are growing in the direction of the southern coast, more gentle and less whipped by the wind tramontana.

The land irrigated by artesian wells, farmers built enlarging the wells or exploiting the limestone, to dig until you get a container of several cubic meters, thus enabling them to significantly improve the yield of crops and livestock, being the largest Balearic part of Europe in rainwater harvesting through this method.

Overall in Las Balearic and spices in Menorca windmills are a feature that in ancient times and have allowed energy to grind grain in the absence of winds and its alternative mills rivers and wells craft served as beasts to extract water oy convert the grain into flour

At present, and under plastic greenhouses cultivated a wide variety of fresh produce, especially vegetables to supply the growing demand for hotels and restaurants. But the cultivation of the island was natural cereals, human consumption and forage for livestock, potatoes, squash, beans, melons and pomegranates, the fruit traditional and highly demanded by visitors to the seniority of the figs and almonds.

Livestock, especially livestock vaccine, which produces the prestigious Menorca cheese, cheese with designation of origin, "Mahon Minorca" and which is distributed all over Spain and many places in Europe, followed by sheep, goats. A special mention to livestock horses, which in Minorca, as throughout the modern world ceased to be a vehicle for transport and traction, but the traditions of Menorca with the horse, make the breeding of horses is a growing, well Vista and supported by institutions, have a herd with title of "Horse Race Menorquina"

The peasant farming system, is complemented by fishing and in the last two centuries with a stunning industrial activity that gave the island a high degree of technical development, with many factories, though small, with few major productions of jewellery and shoes , High quality products and reputation which had a half Europe.

In recent years has been eroded by competition from the products, often from abroad, mostly Asians and offset due to the development of service activities, especially tourism beaches, bringing both life as social relations taken a big change in the past 50 years The geography of the coast of Menorca, dotted with coves with this beautiful and unspoilt beaches in many cases and given the particular strength of Minorcan to Urbanica, surely they will remain for many years more, which would have a good argument for tourism and a collection of quality for future generations of Minorcan who may contemplate the more conservative of the Balearic Islands tourism business compatible with biodiversity. Minorca was declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO and made real efforts to bring human activity tourism agro farmers, with industry support the natural territory.

Submissions from the island of Minorca, are well covered, both by sea and by air. The airport Minorca, a large airport with large, spacious and modern facilities, with clues to give entry to more aircraft of all sizes, has all the facilities and resources of an international airport, with rooms shipment arrivals, customs shops and parking areas for taxis and public operate The most major charter of Europe, and many companies scheduled air transport on the continent, especially during the summer, Minorca communicating with the main capitals of Europe directly.

Visit Minorca by sea, very soon, the breakwater of the Port of Barcelona, this work in progress, but the major port of entry to the Island is the Port of Mahon, even if they do not arrive by boat or by entering another port, should visit This natural bay converted by man into port for over 2,000 years Port of Mahon, is the largest natural harbour in the Mediterranean and the second in Europe, with almost six miles long, this waiting for him, whether they have a boat, as if you use the services of shipping lines linking the ports of Barcelona and Valencia in the Iberian peninsula and from the Port of Palm or Alcudia in the neighbouring island of Majorca.




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